The roots of the Indianapolis Wrestling Syndicate goes back almost three decades. Co-Founders and Co-Owners Lonnie “Camshaft” Varlowe and Wyatt Dupree were childhood best friends since grade K, both attending the same Carl Fischers Elementary school in Indianapolis, Indiana. The boys both grew up in the mid 90’s and early 2000’s seeing and proverbial “who’s who” of professional wrestling inside the ring every Monday night. They attended HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Independent wrestling shows growing up as well. The two dreamed of growing up, traveling the world, and wrestling for a living and vowed from early ages to make that dream a reality. Upon graduation from Indianapolis Metro High School in 2007 they began training to achieve their dreams and by New Years Day in 2008 they were already actively wrestling.

Wyatt Dupree’s in-ring career lasted about 5 years in which time he established six regins as a recognized World Tag Team Champion, three of which came with Varlowe, and a couple reigns as United States Champion for a promotion based in Texas. In 2012, after numerous failed attempts to secure a job with a big time promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut and another large company based in Orlando, Flordia, Dupree decided to retire from active competition and purse other interests. He managed to get a 2 year degree in business administration and used that degree to gain himself a great “white collar” job with benefits. All the while, his heart still lived inside the wrestling business and Dupree always questioned if he made the right decision with his retirement…

Lonnie Varlowe traveled the global wrestling. He never cared about signing a big term contract or sleeping on a bed stuffed with $100 bills. No, Lonnie just wanted to wrestle for a living. He loved the roar of the crowd, the feeling of walking through that curtain. Lonnie was a great tag-team wrestler earning the title across four different promotions, totaling nine reigns, three with Dupree. In early 2013, Varlowe stepped out on his own as a singles competitor and really began to shine in the professional wrestling business. He was working the independent scene, flying all over the world and started to catch the eyes of a lot of people. He was annually making the PWI Top 500 list, typically coming in the top 250. Everything was going great…until it wasn’t.

On a hot summer night wrestling in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a local promotion in 2015, Varlowe was on the bad end of a botched DVD from the top rope to the outside floor that broke his neck and ruptured two discs in his back. His opponent set-up the table too far away and Varlowe’s neck snapped on the concrete floor. Lonnie has been quoted as saying: “I lost all feeling in my upper body for several minutes. Scariest fuckin’ night of my life.” Of course, feelings eventually returned and it was quickly determined that not only was he lucky to be walking. Lonnie “Camshaft” Varlowe was lucky to be alive. After a long period of rehab, it was clear that Lonnie’s career was over.

Fast forward to the Spring of 2017. Dupree and Varlowe are hanging out like best friends do, attending a local wrestling show on the outskirts of Indy. After seeing an awful product in person and the state of wrestling today, the two went back to Varlowe’s home. Out in the garage over a 12 pack of beer they laid the foundation for what is now the Indianapolis Wrestling Syndicate. Wyatt Dupree drained his bank account of what little nest egg he had and maxed out both his credit cards. Varlowe also drained his bank account and swindled his bank into allowing him to take out a 2nd mortgage on his home, all in the name of funding and starting up the IWS. Now with their backs up against the wall, and almost no money left to spare, what will Dupree and Varlowe do? Will the IWS become a success? We shall see.